The Workshop on Best Practices in Contract Administration aims to equip participants with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to effectively manage contracts throughout their lifecycle. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of contract creation, execution, monitoring, risk management, and termination/renewal processes, enabling them to optimize contract outcomes and minimize potential risks in their respective organizations.


Target Audience:

This Workshop is suitable for professionals involved in drafting, signing, overseeing, managing business Contracts/Agreements. Anyone working in Business Development Procurement, Legal Departments, Project Management, Vendor Management, Trade Facilitation and Compliance. Directors in public service are particularly encouraged to attend.


Course Outline:

1. Introduction to Contract Administration:
• Definition and importance of contract management.
• Understanding different types of contracts and their applications.
• Key stakeholders and their roles in the contract management process.

2. Contract Creation and Negotiation:
• Preparing clear and comprehensive contracts.
• Essential components of a well-drafted contract.
• Best practices for contract negotiation and achieving win-win outcomes.

3. Contract Execution and Performance Monitoring:
• Implementing contracts effectively.
• Establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) and monitoring progress.
• Identifying and addressing potential performance issues.

4. Risk Management in Contracts:
• Identifying common contractual risks and challenges.
• Mitigating risks through effective contract language and clauses.
• Strategies for handling contract disputes and conflicts.

5. Change Management and Amendments:
• Understanding the need for contract amendments.
• Proper documentation and communication during contract changes.
• Ensuring compliance during contract modifications.

6. Leveraging Technology for Contract Management:
• Introduction to contract management software and tools.
• Integrating technology for streamlined contract administration.
• Best practices for choosing and implementing contract management solutions.

7. Contract Renewal and Termination:
• Evaluating contract performance for renewal decisions.
• Preparing for contract termination and exit strategies.
• Renewal negotiation and ensuring a smooth transition.

8. International Trade Contracts
• Unique considerations and challenges when dealing with contracts across international borders.

9. Dispute Resolution:
• Strategies for resolving contract-related disputes and disagreements.
• Alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation and arbitration.

10. Case Studies and Practical Examples:
• Real-world scenarios and case studies illustrating contract administration challenges and solutions in trade-related sectors.



Upon completion of the Workshop, participants will have gained the following:

• A comprehensive understanding of contract management principles and best practices.
• Practical skills in contract drafting, negotiation, and execution.
• Proficiency in identifying and mitigating risks associated with contracts.
• Knowledge of contract management technology and its application.
• Strategies for effective contract renewal and termination.


Our Methodology:

Our programs are conducted through a mix of interactive workshops, combining instructor-led sessions, group activities, real-life case studies and group discussions. Participants will be encouraged to share their experiences and challenges, allowing for a practical learning environment.



In determining our fees, attention is paid to the time investment for the bespoke planning, design, development and delivery of  our solutions.

  • Participant Fee: $3,500.00 (Three Thousand, Five Hundred USD only) net. This includes our professional fee, meeting venue, courseware, certificates, training bag, writing materials, sourvenir and workshop photograph for each participant.
  • Program Duration/Date: The program will span over a period of Five (5) days; beginning on 18th until 22nd September, 2023
  • Program Location: Doha, Qatar. Venue information will be communicated to paid participants.



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